How much sleep do we need after all?

Why don’t we all sleep like a baby?

It says who has one, that only uses this expression who has never had a baby at home. However, these little humans can usually sleep around 18h /day and us, adults, not even our minimum 7h / night, are able to secure. (The recommended would be something between 7h and 9h for any active adult, with an extra in case of being in a learning period (such as being at the University or doing a post-graduate course, for example)). In addition, these little descendants of ours can do fantastic things like going directly into a deep sleep, while we do need several cycles with different depths of sleep to feel recovered and restored after a night’s rest.

Photo by Isaac Del Toro on Unsplash

I’ll sleep when I’m dead!

You have certainly heard this expression more than once … What if we tell you that this “attitude” is the most appropriate way to actually die earlier? Did you know that road accidents caused by drowsiness or tiredness are more than those caused by alcohol and those caused by drug use combined?

Can you remember the last time you woke up without an alarm clock and without needing a dose of caffeine to function? And… if you think about the last week, do you think you got enough sleep?

Sleep, and its importance, is possibly one of the most depreciated things in today’s society in developed countries, but one of the things that are having the most impact on health and even on the economic and financial results of companies and countries. When we ignore it, we are affecting all areas of our life: personal life, family and work (in terms of productivity and beyond).

Knowing why we sleep, how much and how we should sleep is the first step towards longer, healthier and more productive lives. The more we know, the better we are able to adopt healthier lifestyles.
With the current pace of life, having privileged access to “right” knowledge is a huge advantage and avoids “misinformation”. In this digital era, it is important to provide access to credible sources of information, filtered and focused on valid scientific knowledge.

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