Life, Family and Work Balance

The day is 24 hours and the problem of this (un)balance begins right here, in time!

8h to sleep, 8h to work and left (⁉) 8h for us. But we don’t only work 8h, we don’t even sleep 8h and we feel there is no time left for us and our family.

What happens then at 8am that should be left?

Sleep, a vital need

Sleep is as essential in life as eating or breathing. All living things sleep. Only humans consciously deprive themselves of sleep. However, sleep is nature’s best solution for keeping us alive and healthy.

“Eat, Sleep, Burp, Repeat!”

How many times have we heard this to describe a baby´s life? However, 75% of parents of children up to 6 years old have some kind of sleep-related complaint about their children…

“This goes with age, hang on!”

But should we let it go out of our minds?

How much does the sleep of your employees cost you?

What if your best team leader had a heart attack tomorrow? Or your company’s COO? How many companies do not do risk analysis associated with the loss of each of their key persons?

Sleep is now known to be Nature’s best and most successful attempt to keep us alive and healthy, but the vast majority of companies ignore the risk and cost of not valuing everyone’s sleep as a priority. that must be literally on par with productivity.


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