Hello Parents! Hello Families!!!

Did you ever notice that when a baby starts to cry we all stress about it? 😱

For new parents, this is probably one of the most demanding times of their lives. Can you imagine what it would be to go without proper sleep for a couple of years? 💤

Families are experiencing parenthood with a lot of negative feelings 😔 like anxiety on solving common issues, fear about difficulties to come or the insecurity about not knowing what is normal and what to expect. 

75% of parents with children younger than 6y.o. have complaints about their kids’ sleep.

The vast majority of parents spent years without having a full night of sleep. 😴

That´s why Aurora is here!

Aurora is a digital expert for parents to help families finding natural sleep without having to see it rising on the horizon 🌅 every single night…

She’s here to bring back to families the knowledge 📚📑 that was once passed down from mother to mother, families to families 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  … Breastfeeding, diapers, sleep and every single phase of tiny humans development will be within reach of your hand.

Meet Aurora 👩 ! She’s here to help families 👋!