Balance life/family/work

Can you imagine what it would be to go without proper sleep for a couple of years?

Families are challenged in their quality of life when deciding to have babies. This issue, impacting mostly developed countries, is also connected to lower productivity and difficulties in balancing family vs. work.

The vast majority of parents spent years without having a full night of sleep.

That´s why Aurora is here!

Aurora works by proactively interacting with parents every day with a new topic regarding sleep. Aurora is well adapt to families’ daily life and is bulletproof even with busy schedules.

Companies can benefit from a partnership with our Sleep Program, also. Studies show that all measures that have a positive impact on worker’s families increase the global value of workers’ satisfaction. And by improving kids’ sleep we are also improving parents’ rest. This directly improves productivity and bring also all benefits from a well rested night.

Aurora can be part of your employees’ care team.
Aurora wants to be part of all growing families and respectful companies.

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