Helping Families

Aurora was developed as the result of research to find new solutions to improve the quality of life, health and well-being of families.

In other times, the knowledge needed for this phase of life was passed from mother to mother. When it was our turn, we already had the knowledge and experience that came with extended families when we took care of our younger siblings, our cousins or even neighbors, etc. … However, the access to this knowledge and experience of life has been lost in today’s societies and when we are parents we are often alone, away from “our villages” and having to deal with everything truly for the first time.

“It takes a village to raise a child!”

Today, families, especially in developed countries, are put to the test when they decide to have children. Perhaps this is why they are giving up early on their dreams and desires of parenthood (example: in Portugal the current fecundity index is 1.37 but that desired by Portuguese women is 2.3). This leads to increased pressure on societies as a result of an aging population, a decline in the labor force and a lack of generational renewal.

Families are the cells of a society. When we help families we are also promoting a better and more balanced society.

What we know is that the process that runs from the planning or news of the pregnancy to the earliest times of the newest family member can invariably be arranged in three phases: emotion, expectation and frustration.
The excitement is overwhelming, the expectations are so great, and the frustration falls on us as soon as we realize that we were not, after all, prepared for the profound transformation that has just taken place in our lives.

Aurora exists to eliminate the frustration of this equation by giving families the support, confidence and tranquility they need to really enjoy the family life.
We work with two objectives: one, to promote a wide and happy development in our children; and, two, to extend this happiness to all members of the family.

Our Mission:
Transforming transformation, so that the growth of the family can be enjoyed, appreciated and desired, without the small constraints of the day-to-day prevent it. We want frustration to give way to achievement.

Our vision:
To be a point of reference for the family, a fully available and reliable support that will support you in all phases of your growth, from planning your pregnancy to developing your children’s potential and planning your life project.

Our values:
The family is always first. It is the specific needs of each of the families that count with us that shape our work.

Helping Families!