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Hello Parents! Hello Families!!!

Did you ever notice that when a baby starts to cry we all stress about it? 😱

For new parents, this is probably one of the most demanding times of their lives. Can you imagine what it would be to go without proper sleep for a couple of years? 💤

💭 Why doesn’t she sleeps?

💭 Why he seems to fight sleep?

💭 They are also tired… Why don’t they just close their eyes and… SLEEP???

Families are experiencing parenthood with a lot of negative feelings 😔 like anxiety on solving common issues, fear about difficulties to come or the insecurity about not knowing what is normal and what to expect. 

75% of parents with children younger than 6y.o. have complaints about their kids’ sleep.

Only 1 hour of sleep deficit could affect productivity, concentration and increases near missed errors or real errors by omission.

The vast majority of parents spent years without having a full night of sleep. 😴

That´s why Aurora is here!

Aurora is a digital expert for parents to help families finding natural sleep without having to see it rising on the horizon 🌅 every single night…

She’s here to bring back to families the knowledge 📚📑 that was once passed down from mother to mother, families to families 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  … Breastfeeding, diapers, sleep and every single phase of tiny humans development will be within reach of your hand.

Meet Aurora 👩 ! She’s here to help families 👋!

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Diapers… Diapers…

The universe of diapers is something that can not be missed by any new family. Starting with the quantity, types, models, environmental and economic impact, something as simple as a diaper, can take hours of sleep and rest to the future parents and have a real impact on the health and well-being of the baby. …

Pacifier: yes or no?

Many parents face this doubt and, like much other life’s issues, you have to make a decision. You should not offer only because… Does every baby need a pacifier? There are a bunch of them who never have touch one and “survived”. It’s not mandatory to use a pacifier. It was invented in 1680 and, …


What if…

… health communication was always a great conversation?

… a good conversation was a new way to learn?

Aurora Tech AI is focused on defining the health communication future. With Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning we will shape how health, in general, is perceived and how can everyone be savvier without formal learning times, courses or big investments.


Cláudia Matos Morgado



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